How to choose a transport company

The transport industry can be a tricky one to deal with. It is not unusual to hear of business owners being duped into handing over precious cargo to companies they thought legit only to find their goods never made it to their destination. Scams abound in this industry making it vital to have a suitable system by which you make your choice of freight companies.


· Broker or no broker

The first consideration for many people is whether or not to involve a broker in finding the transport company they will use. When coming such items as cars, using a broker can be a good thing as they help in finding you a reliable transporter who fits with your budget. Another upside is that with a reputable broker, you can relax knowing that they have duly assessed the transport company they will send to you and you can be assured of good service delivery. Such brokers are very strict about whom they hire and will refuse to hire unknowns, or those they know have a bad reputation. Their inside knowledge of the industry can come in handy to the client.


· Pricing

If you decide to go it your own, you will likely source for quotations from multiple companies to determine the best pricing. As much as in business the bottom line matters so too should reputation. Ultimately what you want is your goods delivered in good time and condition.  Therefore do not base your final decision on the issues of pricing alone.


· Reputation

As mentioned being guided by price alone is a bad idea and this industry is known for its share of scams. Your best bet is opting for a freight company with the best reputation. You can determine reputation by checking online consumer review sites. There are several that are independent with verified users which can give you accurate depictions of what kind of service you can expect. Another option is to seek out contacts in the transport industry and find out which companies have the best reputation among their peers. Brokers are another great source of information on the top freight companies. Be sure to however also assess the broker’s reputation and find out if they are licensed and bonded for their work.


· Insurance

This is another very important aspect by which to judge a transport firm. Find out if the insurance firm is a well established one, and determine what the terms and conditions that apply for this coverage. You need to be certain the value of your cargo is adequately covered and how much you would have to pay out of pocket as a deductible to get compensation in case things go wrong.


Be sure that once you have settled on a particular transport company that you immediately communicate your acceptance of their quotation and get a confirmation in writing. They should send it either by email or fax. Also ensure that upon delivery of the cargo to its collection point by the transport firm that both parties inspect the goods one last time to certify their good condition to avoid future issues with insurance.